FDSP फ़ीड मशीनरी, बायोमास मशीनरी, उर्वरक मशीनरी और भंडारण मशीनरी जैसी परियोजनाओं के पूर्ण सेट के लिए विनिर्माण प्रणाली समाधान का आपूर्तिकर्ता है। एक कहावत कहना

आउटपुट 6-12 टी / एच डबल लाइन जलीय फ़ीड उत्पादन लाइन निकालना

एक्सट्रूडेड जलीय फ़ीड एक प्रकार का पफिंग और झरझरा पेलेट फीड है जो पाउडर फीड (स्टार्च या प्रोटीन युक्त) के कच्चे माल को पफिंग मशीन में निरंतर मिश्रण, कंडीशनिंग, हीटिंग, दबाव, एक्सट्रूज़न डाई होल, दबाव में अचानक गिरावट के माध्यम से खिलाकर बनाया जाता है। , और अनाज खंड में काटने, सुखाने, स्थिर करने और अन्य प्रक्रियाएं।

Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co., Ltd., फ़ीड मशीनरी और इंजीनियरिंग के निर्माण में विशेषज्ञता, ग्राहकों को पशुधन फ़ीड (सुअर, आदि), पोल्ट्री फ़ीड (चिकन, बतख, हंस, आदि) के लिए उपकरण समाधान के पूर्ण सेट प्रदान कर सकती है। , जुगाली करनेवाला चारा (मवेशी, भेड़, आदि), सामान्य जलीय चारा (चार प्रमुख चीनी कार्प, आदि), विशेष जलीय चारा (झींगा, केकड़ा, आदि), एक्सट्रूडेड जलीय चारा (फ्लोटिंग और सिंक फिश फीड, झींगा चारा, आदि), प्रीमिक्स फ़ीड (सभी प्रकार के योजक, आदि सहित), और पालतू भोजन (बिल्ली का भोजन, कुत्ते का भोजन, आदि)। ग्राहकों की विभिन्न जरूरतों को पूरा करने के लिए।

अब प्रक्रिया प्रवाह और प्रत्येक अनुभाग के अनुसार निम्नलिखित परिचय और विवरण करने के लिए जलीय फ़ीड उत्पादन लाइन निकालने वाली 6-12tph डबल लाइन लें।

आउटपुट 6-12 टी / एच डबल लाइन जलीय फ़ीड उत्पादन लाइन निकालना

कच्चा माल:

The main raw materials of extruding fish feed are protein, it consist of grain, bread meal, rice bran, bran, fish meal, blood meal, oil, premix feed, etc.

Process brief introduction:

The features of extruding fish feeds are that the crush fineness is small (about 60-100 mesh), the curing degree is high, with high oil content (The refueling way is the combination of mixer, extruder and coating three ways), the diameter size of finish pellets is large (about 0.6-20mm). This double extruding  aquatic feed production line's capacity is designed to be 6-12tph, adopting first grinding process, first dosing & mixing process, second pulverizing system, second mixing process, extruding process, drying process, coating process, cooling process, finally bagging process. The total power of this line is about 1496kw, the working land size is about 30.6*12.5*31m, and matching 2 sets of 2T boiler or 1 set of 4T boiler. The whole line has compact design, reasonable structure and meets the requirement of environmental protection. It can be customized according to customer’s requirements.

आउटपुट 6-12 टी / एच डबल लाइन जलीय फ़ीड उत्पादन लाइन निकालना


Process features and Introduction

Raw materials receiving and cleaning section:In this section, pellet feeding cleaning and powder feeding cleaning are separated independently and separate dust removal. Dust removal effect is good.

Cleaning equipment:granules sifter SCY80,capacity 20-30T/H;Powder sifter SQLZ60X50X100, capacity 10-15T/H.

First coarse grinding section: This section adopts one hammer mill, and with two pre-grinding bins which can change the grinded materials alternately. Before entering the bins, the impurities are removed by magnetic separation device to ensure the safe operation of the hammer mill.

Grinding equipment : Hammer mill SFSP668×800, 110kw, designed to produce 10-14t/h(¢2.0mm screen hole)

First batching and mixing section: This section adopts 18batching bins, two set of batching system work at same time. It is controlled by the batching program independently developed by our company to realize accurate fast and slow feeding, fast batching and high precision.

Weighing equipment: Dosing scale PCS15/PCS05, dosing precision: dynamic ≤3‰, static ≤1‰.

Mixing equipment: mixer SHSJ3, (22KW, 1500kg/ batch), designed to produce 15-18t/h. Mixture uniformity CV ≤5%.

Pulverizing section: Due to the extruder high requirement for the fineness of raw material, generally 60-120 mesh, this section adopts two pulverizer, each equipped with two pre-grinding bins. They can take turns to store and discharge the material, which reduces the pulverizer's idle time. It adopts the wind type discharging, and be allocated with cyclone, pulse filter, the grinding fineness can be adjusted.

Pulverizer equipment(2sets): SWFL130, 160+15+ 2.2kw;Design time: 3-6t/h per set.

Second mixing section: This section adopts four secondary mixing bins(all round bins), equipped with one batching scale sharing one same computer with first batching system which is convenient for control by one operator. 

Weighing equipment: batching scale PCS15, dosing precision: dynamic ≤3‰, static ≤1‰.

Mixing equipment: mixer SHSJ3, 22kw, 1500kg/P, designed to produce 10-15t/h. Mixture uniformity CV≤5%.

Extruding section: This section adopts two set of double screw extruder, equipped with a pre-extruding bin above the each extruder. The extruding bin is designed as a round bin, and equipped with a disk-type feeder to prevent material from forming and discharge smoothly.

Extruding equipment(2sets): SPHS130×2, 185+4+4+15+1.5kw, design output: 3-6T /H per set (discharging hole diameter 4.0mm), drying equipment(2sets): SHGW240×2-7, 0.75+1.1*2+7.5×10+ 0.75kw, design output: 4-6T/H

Coating & Bagging section: This section adopts two set of drum oil coating equipment, equipped with pneumatic gravity diverter before entering the equipment. You can choose whether to spray oil for finished pellets according to different formula requirements. The post-coating section solves the problem that the early phase of the material oil content should not be too much and then cannot meet the oil content requirements. By coating, the feed appearance is good, palatability is better, nutrition is higher. The materials after oil injection are screened and packed after cooling by swing cooler.

Drum coater(2sets): SYPG1000, 2.2kw, design output: 4-6T/H per set,

Swing cooler(2sets): SKLB6,1.1+1.5KW,volume 6m3, design output: 6-8T/H per set,

Packing equipment (2sets): Quick single-hopper granule scale for extruding material, packing range: 20-25kg/bag, 4-6 bags/minute.

Auxiliary section: The dust removal system: it is used in the bagging system which can improve the working environment for workers; Oil adding system and Water adding system: it can improve the feed palatability.


According to the needs of different customers, the scheme can be optimized:

1. This design adopts the single-point dust removal mode, that is, each rotary distributor (powder material) and pellet cleaner is equipped with a pulse filter, which has a good dust removal effect. Single point of dust removal is our company’s humanized design, which can provide a better working environment, but the cost increases. Customers can consider whether to use this configuration according to the actual needs;

2. The quantity of bins can also be adjusted according to the formula of customers, the characteristics of raw materials and other factors, so as to achieve the highest utilization rate and effectively control the production cost;

3. Assembly or welding can also be adopted for the installation of the bin. The assembly bin has a high cost, quick and convenient on-site installation, and the welding silo has a low cost. On-site welding by workers is with high labor intensity and long time. Users can make reasonable choices according to their own needs;

4. In this project, the secondary mixing adopts the process of automatic batching with high automation, if customer need to control the invest cost, we can also used non-automatic  batching and mixing process by batch, it can also produce normally only with a lower batching efficiency.

5. इस परियोजना में हम जो कोटिंग उपकरण अपनाते हैं वह ड्रम टाइप कोटर है, तेल जोड़ने का सुझाव 8% से बड़ा नहीं है, और यह केवल पेलेट सतह पर कोटिंग कर सकता है, अगर ग्राहक को अधिक तेल जोड़ने के साथ उच्च गुणवत्ता की आवश्यकता होती है, तो हम कर सकते हैं वैक्यूम स्प्रेइंग मशीन चुनें जो पार्टिकल कोर में तेल के अवशोषण के लिए बेहतर हो।


इंजीनियरों के साथ नवीनतम उद्धरण, विवरण और निःशुल्क 1-ऑन-1 परामर्श प्राप्त करें

इसी श्रेणी के अन्य उत्पाद:

हमारे बारे में

2003 में स्थापित FDSP में 150 लोगों की एक पेशेवर टीम और 35,000 वर्ग मीटर का एक कारखाना है; हम ग्राहकों की विभिन्न आवश्यकताओं के अनुसार परियोजना नियोजन योजनाओं को डिजाइन कर सकते हैं, और 3D रेंडरिंग प्रदान कर सकते हैं; विभिन्न आवश्यकताओं के अनुसार ग्राहकों, विभिन्न कच्चे माल, और विभिन्न स्थानों, डिजाइन समाधान; कंपनी के पास एक पेशेवर तकनीकी टीम है, जिसके पास डिजाइन...

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